A Remnant Left

But six hundred men turned and fled to the wilderness unto the rock Rimmon, and abode in the rock Rimmon four months.
Judges 20:47 KJV

On luy 4th,2023, ,our vignette read that, God will not let the enemy win forever. We should also add that His anger is but for a season ( Psa.30:5 ). Its the same nature God displays when He didn’t allow Bejaminites be wiped out completely. Gods a father. Read the next chapter. Have you ever fought your brother or sister, then you’ll be looking for a way to reconcile? I used to. Its a very miserable time to be angry with someone you love. The people of Israel should have read the article in Psychology Today which gives this advice: ” It seems counterintuitive, but when you’re mad at someone you care for, the best way to deal with your unhealed anger is to talk about it. All too often, we don’t feel like speaking to the person who has irritated us, no matter who it is. But clamming up or inappropriately venting will only cause more ill feelings”. That is not from the Bible. It was written in October 2013. So the people of Israel couldn’t have read that. Neither did you the last time you quarreled with your brother. Later, they regretted almost wiping out a tribe in Israel. You must read the next chapter. Its a chapter of restitutions. Only serious minded people can do this. There will always be a remnant left. If you’re part of the remnant that life has treated badly, get excited, there’s a season of favour about to burst. God is speaking peaceably to you. Come down from that mountain of fear. Its time for favour.

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