An Answer of Peace

And Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace. Genesis 41:16 KJV

It is significant the way Joseph answered Pharaoh. There is certainly no promotion of self in the matter. Just pause for a moment and and consider that you are no more struggling to explain things to Portiphar. You are before Pharaoh. Imagine also that the joy of an entire monarch is in the skill you have. Some people would have tried to show they are made of a sterner stuff. Joseph’s attitude is self effacing: ”It is not in me!” That means I’m not essential to your comfort. Now pause and let that sink. Isn’t this the time you would have shown them you are a Hebrew of Hebrews? Then Joseph shifted the attention to God. Its about Him. Its God who gives us answers of peace. In the Hebrew culture, shalom, or peace was a form of greeting. It still is. Its like saying: peace go with you everywhere you go. That is what Christ sacrifice came to do in us…give us peace.. Several versions interpret this in several ways, but most agree its ”a favourable answer”. Your salvation bring you these favourable answers. Its what can make you sleep in the storm. It gives you the confidence that all things will be alright. Peace is one thing the enemy can not duplicate. Its is a state of of harmony, quietness and calm. Joseph generated this state of mind in a single phrase. May your words today generate this kind of faith and give honour to God. GM.

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