Beersheba: the last contact.

And Israel took his journey with all that he had, and came to Beer–sheba, and offered sacrifices unto the God of his father Isaac. Genesis 46:1 KJV

Beersheba was the last southern stop on the highway the Patriarchs traveled. It was here that Abraham paid the price of seven ewe lambs to secure ownership of a well from the Philistines ( Gen. 21:25 ). Its also in this place that Isaac made a treaty with the Philistines and found a well. (Gen. 26:26-27). It became the point of departure for Jacob and family to go to Egypt at Joseph’s invitation. God said three things to him in a dream that night. 1. Don’t be afraid to go to Egypt. 2. I will be with you in Egypt to make you great. 3. You will have the opportunity to come out again. We need to hear this kind of divine directions before we proceed on life changing experiences. Your Beersheba is the place you hear the final instructions. Don’t just do things out of excitement. Hear God! It was in Beersheba that Hagar heard God( Gen.27:17) and Elijah encountered the Divine (1Kings19:5). Beersheba is a place we experience a turning point. Its the place we need to return for that contact with God.

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