The Covenant Renewed

And the Lord said unto Moses, Write thou these words: for after the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with thee and with Israel.
Exodus 34:27 KJV

From verse 10 to the end of the chapter, God did not want Moses speaking anymore in the past. God was about to do something new and significant. He was about to renew the Covenant with Israel in accordance with their repentance. This renewal will happen several times in the history of the nation. In a presentation in a Sperry Symposium Classics, David Rolph Seely observes this about this renewal: ” Covenant is an eternal principle that defines the relationship between God and His children. It is a process by which God administers the plan of happiness. The Lord for His part promises His children redemption from their fallen state, and the direction and the sacred ordinances necessary for salvation and exaltation while preserving the conditions in which agency can be exercised ”. Sin complicates matters. Its better to do without it. This renewal took another forty days. Today, the renewal of our covenants with God is not as complex. We can take retreats, take a prayer fast, have a solemn moments of thorough repentance and recommit to serve God better. The remaining verses outline Gods requirements for the new relationship. The joy is that God was back with His people. This time the people waited. You better wait for your case. The answers are coming. God is our father. He is never angry forever. Recommit to the Covenant today.

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