Your Looks Matter too

And they said, An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock. Exodus 2:19 KJV

Moses had this trait of interfering on behalf of the oppressed. That is what brought him from Egypt to Midian. He probably was very exhausted, but he couldn’t bear to see injustice. Most people would have been self absorbed, but not Moses. He sat by the well. Does that remind you if another saviour who sat by the well? That one met one woman who cane to draw water. The rest is history. The Expositors Bible says that Moses was this chivalrous because he was sustained by the presence of the Unseen. What would happen in today’s world? Most people would have a tendency to just watch. There are few who would not let this pass by. Such are leaders in life. The girls reported that an Egyptian had help them. We both know Moses was not an Egyptian, but his looks were, and his language was. These two things aught to differentiate today between a christian and a non-christian. Alas, there is a school that thinks your outward appearance does not matter. Moses looked that way because he was raised an Egyptian. When he returned years later, he did not try to fit in. The disciples and Christ looked so much alike that they needed a Judas to identify him with a kiss. The prodigal son had to have a change of garment to demonstrate his change of heart. This is not a call for any uniform. Its a call for what’s inside to show outside. Its a call for modesty.

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