Answers to a Leaders Prayers

And the Lord repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.
Exodus 32:14 KJV

When a real leader prays, it can not come from a selfish perspective. Leaders don’t pray: God bless me, my wife and the two children. To succeed, a leader must must pray for the people. This verse in King James Version makes sound as if God sinned, and had to repent. The Bible in Basic English renders it well: ” So the Lord let himself be turned from his purpose of sending punishment on his people”. That’s what a leader does…pray for his people. Dan Reiland says leadership alone isn’t enough. He says that when leadership is unintentionally distant from Gods presence, the result will be discouraging and even dangerous. Thank God, Moses was in Gods presence. Read the details of his prayers to God. Did you notice how he advanced his reasons? In a blog post Reiland outlines seven leadership prayers we can pray, at least one for a day: bold faith,kingdom courage,servant influence, personal strength, pure wisdom,unmerited favour and spiritual authority. Who knows what God will do with these audacious requests. Just start first. Your people are waiting on your prayers.

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