Contemporary Similarities: Leaflet Bombers

And Saul said unto the Kenites, Go, depart, get you down from among the Amalekites, lest I destroy you with them: for ye shewed kindness to all the children of Israel, when they came up out of Egypt. So the Kenites departed from among the Amalekites. And Saul smote the Amalekites from Havilah until thou comest to Shur, that is over against Egypt. 1 Samuel 15:6‭-‬7 KJV

In 2015, Staurt Jeffries reported the story of leaflet bombers and recruits who helped to fight apartheid in South Africa. It told the story of Ronnie Kasrils, who recruited young whites in Britain to strategically place small bombs filled with ANC leaflets in South Africa. The leaflets added pressure to the regime. Currently, Israel has dropped similar leaflets for Gaza citizens to flee south. We don’t know how Saul did it, but he got information to the Kenites that they should depart from the Amalekites. If it was today, that would involve heavy leaflet bombers. Leaflet propaganda was used as a strategy in the second word war to incite fear, coerced surrender or turn the people against their leaders. Whatever strategy, Israel succeeded in making the Kenites to depart from the Amalekites. The warfare worked. The devil operates a similar strategy through dreams and rumours. Its intention is to bombard you into submission. The enemy will paint a picture, even making use of the dead in dreams to pressure you into submission. It may even show you how people have departed from you. Its leaflet bombing. Its a strategy to make you submit. When Kenites departed, the war was won. The Amalekites lost a trusted ally. The rest is history. Is the enemy spreading some news about you? You’ll be very surprised about the people who may believe stories about you without confirmation. They read the devils leaflet. Hold on, don’t fear, don’t fret. God will soon vindicate you. If you give in, you’ve lost the battle.

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