David’s Last Prayer With The King

‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭26:23‭-‬24‬ ‭KJV‬‬ [23] The LORD render to every man his righteousness and his faithfulness: for the LORD delivered thee into my hand to day, but I would not stretch forth mine hand against the LORD’s anointed. [24] And, behold, as thy life was much set by this day in mine eyes, so let my life be much set by in the eyes of the LORD, and let him deliver me out of all tribulation.

Davids words are deep. This man was an old testament saint but speaks a new testament language. Bakers Evangelical Dictionary explains the understanding of righteousness spoken by David as ”… bearing meanings in the New Testament related to two sources. The major one is the Hebrew thought-world of the Old Testament and particularly the sdq [q;d’x] word group, which locates the meaning in the sphere of God’s gracious, covenantal relation to his people and the appropriate behavior of the covenant partners (Yahweh and Israel) toward each other. The other is the regular use of the words in everyday Greek as spoken in New Testament times, which fixes the meaning in the sphere of a life in conformity to a known standard or law — thus honesty, legality, and so on. This latter meaning in terms of doing God’s will is of course also found in the Old Testament”. This is moral rightness. The other word is faithfulness, which Miriam Webster has describes as ”steadfast in affection or allegiance : loyal. a faithful friend. 2. : firm in adherence to promises. ” If you were asked to summarise your commitment to God, what would it read like? We are asked to judge ourselves, so we won’t be judged by others.( 1 Cor.11:31). This was David’s summary of his service under King Saul. As we progress, you will see God reward David with men of such commitments. So when you serve, you are actually serving yourself.

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