Don’t Fall For Emotional Tactics

Then the people of Israel said to Moses, “Look, we are doomed! We are dead! We are ruined! Everyone who even comes close to the Tabernacle of the Lord dies. Are we all doomed to die?”
Numbers 17:12‭-‬13 NLT

Every Leader must learn not to fall for emotional techniques of the devil. When the enemy working behind the scenes knows that the game is up, its last attempt is to get all emotional. God has just confirmed the call of Aaron. Now the people want self pity. Its an old technique to get sympathy. Read that again. ” Everyone who even comes close to the tabernacle…really? They want sympathy. Here is the subtext. They are really saying : so no one can oppose this Moses or Aaron without dying? They’ve now found out that rebellion will result in death. They were afraid. May those who oppose your lead get to this point of fear. May they discover that God who called you is able to defend you. On the cross, after Jesus cried, the soldiers who kept watch confessed: ” Surely this was the son of God.” God knows how to defend his own. Jacobs Children had to beg Joseph. No one talked anymore about the dreams he had. They wanted their lives. There are techniques for dealing with opposition. In this case Moses did not need to use those suggestions. He just let God fight his battle. That same power is available for you today. The schemer will not succeeded forever. I pray such strength that Moses displayed be yours in Jesus Name.

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