Don’t Violate the Marriage Bed

Thou shalt not commit adultery. Exodus 20:14 KJV

We were unable to continue because of an internal Ministerial training( Check out: Pastor’s Advance Programme on Facebook and Telegram). This commandment is for conjugal honour because marriage is made for a husband and a wife. Take note of the articles( Gen.2:24). Jesus Christ made the best commentary of this verse in Mat. 5:27-32. The indices for understanding this sin is no more the act as the internal motivations to lust. Now that is heavy. You don’t need to voice it out, Gods judging your motives. We think this command is not only for the married but also for the single because everyone may be opportune to marry. Fornication is used to describe the act with singles. Don’t ask me to separate them. The act is the same, if you see it(Mat.15:19). The word adultery is from the same root word, adulterate, which means to offer a low quality product in place of the original. So adultery is fake marriage. It is also from the word ”,adulterium”, which means, another’s bed. Adam Clarke classifies such sin as Idol worship and indeed it is. People who patronise or practice porn are included here as idol worshippers.Polygamy and divorce were manufactured here on earth Please note that what is fashionable is not necessarily acceptable. That others are doing it is not reason to compromise your faith in Christ. The word is still, Be ye holy, for I am holy. You were bought with a price.

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