Even Bitters Have Their Usefulness

‭2 Samuel 18:16 KJV‬ [16] And Joab blew the trumpet, and the people returned from pursuing after Israel: for Joab held back the people.

Thus far, we’ve presented an ugly picture of Joab. But he was not all down and dirty. He had his moments. It had to take Joab to stop the war between families. Joab blew the trumpet to call the people back. This war was not about the people. The people had to take sides. This war was a satanic stroke setting the son against the father. So the fighters returned. Wounds had to be healed and David retuned to Zion. The creators of LitCharts say that, ” Tragic heroes typically have heroic traits that earn them the sympathy of the audience, but also have flaws or make mistakes that ultimately lead to their own downfall”. That is an apt description of Joab. Don’t let the enemy sell you the idea that you or anyone else is beyond redemption. There are moments that your humanity has shown forth. Even Judas had regrets. The regrets were not enough, but was a green light to a possible transformation. Ask God to show you men who are ready at their moments to share the gospel. Joab stopped the war. He did not complicated his evil that day by allowing brothers to kill brothers. He stopped the event at the political level. After all, after the war, David still remained King. It took Joab to do that. Even bitters have their usefulness.

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