Gad: Made to Win

Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last. Genesis 49:19 KJV

Its beautiful to find that each of the blessings is defined by the peculiarities of the children. Gad was born to Zilphah, the handmaid of Leah. The tribe were herders, and earned a reputation as fiercest warriors. The name means fortune. After the division, they settled in the eastern part of the Jordan river, alongside the tribe of Reuben and half tribe of Manasseh. Geoff Thomas calls him the forerunner of the church militant that fights for the faith. Moses later mentioned their fierceness in Deut.33:20-21. The tribe was faithful in helping others settle. You see, Gad is a tribe that knew how to win. Someone says that winning is maximizing your potentials to your fullest ability. So if you beat the people of Gad, know that its not over. They will win at last. This is the attitude of a modern day christian. If you failed yesterday, that’s okay, get up and get back into the fight until you win. We know how its going to end. Its not over until you win. God is on your side. You will overcome at last. What an attitude! Remember, winning is not a sometime thing. Its an all time thing. You are a winner.

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