Gods Strategic Advance

I will not drive them out from before thee in one year; lest the land become desolate, and the beast of the field multiply against thee. Exodus 23:29 KJV

Gods wisdom concerning the advancement and occupation of Israel is borne out in history. In about 586 BC, most Jews were exiled from Israel by Babylonians after they had occupied the land for about 2600 years. It took the Persian conquest of the Babylonians for exile Jews to return. Much later, the Greeks and Romans conquered them,and renamed the place Palestine. Jump to 1948, the creation of modern Israel, so many beast had multiplied and occupied the land. There were moments in history that the land was actually left desolate and unoccupied. There are some problems in life that are allowed by God to help fulfill our destiny. The problems are not meant to destroy us but to help protect us. Here is David : ”My troubles turned out all for the best- they forced me to learn from your textbook”. (Psa.119:71 Msg). Some troubles are Gods catalysts and learning ground. Rick Warren points out five ways God can use the problems in your life: direct you, inspect you, correct you, protect you and perfect you( a CBN presentation) God may not always deliver you. When that happens, He has a better plan.(Rom.5:3-4 LB). In vv30-31, God sets their boundaries and assured them of victories. Today, be assured you will not loose. Your father is in charge. You may appear to loose at the moment, but the ultimate victory is yours. Now, take that to the bank.

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