God’s Turning Point

For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.
Exodus 9:15 KJV

God had the power to destroy Pharaoh in a single sneeze. Thus far, He has withheld the release of such power. Well, we’ve reached a segment in the story that there’s indeed a turning point. We had in an earlier post described a turning point as the event that affects the direction of a story. These things may happen because a character may decide to become involved in the story conflicts. Today, God has. Pharaoh consistently became an obstacle in Gods intentions. So God changes the approach. There’s no turning back now. This statement is announcing the new direction. It is significant that this announcement is just before the seventh plague. Would that have have signified God’s perfection in containing Pharaoh? What God is about to do will now get very personal. How do you react when you reach a turning point? You will sense a seriousness in Gods dealings. For some people, they continue to delay, like Pharaoh. If you delay, the consequences will turn in a different direction. It did for Pharaoh. Six warnings have gone before, yet he hardened his heart. For someone, this may be your turning point. Its time to make peace with God. Tomorrow may be late. If it comes, we will talk about the plague. Today is for decisions. Do let us know how you decide. Let it be on Gods side.

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