Israelites, Amalekites and Kenites

Out of Jacob shall come he that shall have dominion, and shall destroy him that remaineth of the city. Numbers 24:19 KJ

If we had space, we would have quoted the entirety of the verse to the end. It is significant that what was meant for Balak extended to others as mentioned in the title. These other nations were Israels enemies who did not believe in the ruler ship of God. In Psa.72:8, there’s this similar reference to the person who will have dominion. Majority of scholars agree that this refers to Christ. A few still think David partially fulfilled this prophecy. We do not think so. It looks to us that Balaam slid into a Messianic mould and was no more in control of his utterances. God took over. If God could cause an ass to speak, then God used the opportunity to deliver an end time message. The subject here is on who has the last dominion. The devil may strut over issues but God has the final say over your case. Don’t panic. I’ve seen the records. Its in your favour. Those who sorrund you will be witnesses of God’s faithful. Christ is the final answer. The chapter ends in the separation of Balak and Balaam. They both went home. There will never be an agreement anymore on those whose intentions are to curse you. You are blessed beyond measure.

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