Levite’s Given to Help Aaron

And thou shalt give the Levites unto Aaron and to his sons: they are wholly given unto him out of the children of Israel.
Numbers 3:9 KJV

Everybody will not be the main lead in life. It is wisdom to find out from God where our calling is. Some people are called to help others succeed. If they try to take the lead, they are entirely messed up in function. Some people are meant to lead. They may stay temporary under another leader, but their skill will no be hidden. It takes a wise leader to know who you’re assigned by God. In Exodus 32:25-29, the Levites earned their reputation with God when they slaughtered the people who worshipped the golden calf. God then picked them to replace the first born in every family to serve God. Aaron himself is a descendant of Levi, but were assigned priestly duties. The rest of the Levite’s were assigned to be, ”…musicians, gate keepers, guardians, Temple officials, judges, and craftsmen ”. Today a Levite may be compared to a Minister’s Assistant ( See my book of that title ). Note the language in use: the Levites were given to Aaron. That is deep. They were full grown adults, but they were not to run their visions. They were to do their duties to enhance the work of Aaron. If you’re an assistant, but what you do does not enhance the accomplishments of your principal, then you’ve failed. Every assistant should study the work of the Levites. To be an effective principal, it behoves on the leader to ensure that the assistants are adequately taken care of. Its a double edged help. When it fails, assistants become Overseers, and Overseers are left without help. Give us wisdom Lord.

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