And God spake all these words, saying, I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Exodus 20:1‭-‬2 KJV

We are about to enter the very heart of what is described as the moral laws in the world. This was given by God in Sinai. Several nomenclatures have been used to describe the laws we are about to see. Perhaps the most frequent ones are: the covenant, , the law, the testimony or the commandments. The term, Decalogue, appeared first in the manuscripts of the Clement of Alexandria. It simply means ten words( Exod. 34:28 ). It became an inspiration for a polish television series of the same name in 1988. The first four deals with our relationship to God and the last six with our relationship with one another. There’s a repeat of these commandments in Deut.5:6-21. Its peculiar that God did not say: I am the creator of heaven and earth. It could have been alright. God dealt directly with the immediate history of their experience. In the midst of the thunderings and lightening, God spoke this guide to life. The whole Bible is our guide to life today. It is impossible to live the guide to life of the Bible without an encounter with the author of the testimony. That begins at our salvation. We can not afford to do whatever we like on earth. There is a moral code, and it is the word of God. From tomorrow, we begin to examine the details of this moral code. For today, the question is: do you have a code for your life? Who is the author of that code. For Moses and Israel, it was the finger of God. It made the difference.

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