The Devil Won’t Win Forever

Howbeit the hair of his head began to grow again after he was shaven. Judges 16:22 KJV

On September, 25,2020, we shared from Daniel 7:21-22. Its an apocalyptic revelation of how the Ancient of days came into the conflict and gave victory to the saints. We stated that God will not let the devil go all the way. We observed that your battle may be tough, but you will win the war. You may have a few scars, don’t be discouraged, God has not abandoned and will never abandon His own. Today, there’s a reversal in Samson’s story. The devil thought he had Samson. All the while, Samson must have prayed for God’s intervention. If you ever find yourself in the midst of a struggle with the enemy, call on God. His mercies endures forever. His love for you is so deep that He let Jesus die on your behalf. Don’t buy the conversation of the devil that God has abandoned you. Look at it. The hair on the head of Samson began to grow again. Thank you Lord! That hair is a symbol of the restoration of his Nazarite vows. A Nazarite was a person consecrated to live holy unto the Lord. Samuel was also a Nazarite( 1Sam.1:11 ). He was given to the Lord and forbidden to cut his hair, according to the Hebrew Bible. Samson did terrible things. If the standard was that of a Nazarite, then Samson shouldn’t have had a second chance. But, you do have a second chance because of Jesus Christ. Make use of the opportunity and let your hair grow again. Reconnect with the Master. Remember the story of the prodigal? The father didn’t allow him to tell his woes. He was too happy to have him back. There’s celebration awaiting the return of every sinner to the Lord. Today is your turn.

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