The Irony of the Lead

And Moses cried unto the Lord, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee. Numbers 12:13 KJV

It was Moses she tried to undress. Now its Moses who is interceding with God for her deliverance. If you are not a leader, you will look for justice of equity. You will want score a point or try to prove that you’ve been right as a lead all along. If you follow his you feel, then you won’t be the leader of your team. I’m just wondering at the transition from being angry at what she had done and now praying for her. Beyond being meek, Moses must have had the heart of a child. You see what would have been a barrier to his prayers would have been his pain. Parents experience this with children almost daily. The same stubborn child is the one who will call for you when in trouble. Has anyone been there? The irony is that the father or the mother will be out in a second, defending and protecting the child. Thus is what makes leadership and parenting a very complex endeavour. You have no right over how you feel anymore. It is what pleases God and makes the led live well. As a preacher, I’ve had to push how I feel to preach a saving word until an opportune time to address my pain. When Jesus came to save the world, the records says he was not received by his own. Wouldn’t that have been a good reason to discontinue the salvation? You are the leader. Forget the pain. Its time to pray for your people. Moses did. God gave him an answer. Guess what? No one moved forward until she had rejoined the camp. Don’t make the mistake of the General who left his sick Amalekite servant. The servant led David and his team to him. Pray for them. I know how you feel. Let’s talk later.

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