The Kings Word!

‭‭2 Samuel 18:11-12 KJV‬‬ [11] And Joab said unto the man that told him, And, behold, thou sawest him, and why didst thou not smite him there to the ground? and I would have given thee ten shekels of silver, and a girdle. [12] And the man said unto Joab, Though I should receive a thousand shekels of silver in mine hand, yet would I not put forth mine hand against the king’s son: for in our hearing the king charged thee and Abishai and Ittai, saying, Beware that none touch the young man Absalom.

What is your attitude to Gods word? Jesus told the Jews who surrendered something crucial in John 8: 31, ”…If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed”. You could read that up to v.47. Jesus knew that some people would want to do God’s word at convenient season. But those who continue in all seasons are the real disciples of Christ. Think about Joab’s attitude to King David’s words. In the same military is an unnamed soldier who heard the Kings words. Read his attitude when Joab said he would have given him money and clothing if he had killed Absalom. This was his commanding officer. Listen to him speak. There was a King’s command he wouldn’t play with. Period. That soldier should have made an impact on Joab. But Joab was a loose character. How do you treat Christ’s instructions? Do you response at convenience or do you take God’s word seriously? Joab has consistently demonstrated the willingness to bend to the weather. He did not end well. These words were written for our admonition. You will end well. You will run with the kings word.

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