The Leaders Responsibility in crises

And the Lord plagued the people, because they made the calf, which Aaron made. Exodus 32:35 KJV

Let us agree at the start that Aaron took over leadership at a most dismal moments. The community he led was still evolving. This was his first major leadership demand. Its about a month and ten days. He was still treading the waters, after all Moses was expected to be back soon. He was yet to earn the confidence of the people. Enough of his defence. He was a leader, in charge of a people. All his experiences prepared him for this single moment. Phil Geldart is business person. He says that change is inevitable whether they are ” from organizational initiatives, evolving markets or external force that can’t be anticipated or controlled”. So to grow and thrive in the face of change, best change leaders do these: 1. Inspire others and share vision; 2. Define Strategic plans; 3. Communicate effectively; 4. Provide consistent support; and 5. Sustain Momentum. We didn’t hear any of these from Aaron. It may be argued that this was written in 2021. There are leaders still making this same mistakes in 2022. Successful organizational change depend on the leader. Aaron had immense support from the people. He got a golden calf made. Try that in your organization and see how many will contribute. So the Lord plagued the people for the calf. The KJV says, which Aaron made. The AMP says, which Aaron fashioned for them. The CEV says for their talking Aaron into making the gold idol. Whichever version, Aaron stands responsible. Leaders, you are responsible for what happens to your people. Can we please pray for our leaders?

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