The Offering For Atonement

Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, If any man of you bring an offering unto the Lord, ye shall bring your offering of the cattle, even of the herd, and of the flock. And he shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering; and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him.

Leviticus 1:2‭, ‬4 KJV

It is important to note that God even had instructions for personal offerings. Don’t forget, the people had never worshiped any other god in this fashion before. Every instruction had to be given. There were at least five sacrificial offerings like this in the old testament. They are:1.Burnt Offering · 2. Grain Offering · 3. Peace Offering · 4. Sin Offering and 5. Guilt Offering. Each of the offerings represented what Christ came to accomplish on earth in a single sacrifice. All these were for one kind of atonement or another. Non could remit sins permanently. The sacrifice of Jesus became the permanent remission for sins of any kind. Atonement could only cover sins and afforded man another chance with God. Some of them were mandatory, and some were voluntary. Ruthie Gray says that these sacrifices are made possible today ”… through the sacrifice of reconciliation of Jesus Christ, as expressed in Romans 3:25, Romans 5:11, and Romans 5:19”. The instruction for atonement then is the central message of the Bible. Placing hands on the head of the animal transferred their sins to the animal. Today all we do is to repent in the Name of Jesus, and mean it in our hearts. I like it it now. What’s there to prevent you confessing that sin now, in the Name of Jesus? Let’s do it.

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