The Passage Of Michmash

And the garrison of the Philistines went out to the passage of Michmash.
1 Samuel 13:23 KJV

It is very easy to jump over this verse as it appears like an ordinary geographic comment. This passage provides a transition between this chapter and the next. It provides a background to understand what Johnathan and his assistant did later. It was this post that Johnathan attacked. This is what Cambridge Bible For Schools says: ” The Philistines threw out an advanced post from their main camp to one of the bluffs on the very edge of the valley, with the view of watching the Israelites in Geba opposite, and preventing a surprise attack on their camp. It was this post which Jonathan attacked”. By defeating that advanced garrison, the battle was won that day. The details are in the next chapter. The two swords were nothing compared to all the chariots and the horses of the Philistines. What was the advance strategy to watch the people of God will eventually be their downfall. This is how Benson describes Michmash in his comments: ”Michmash, it appears, was upon a high hill, as Gibeah was, between which places was a valley, called here a passage, into which the garrison descended to invite the Israelites to battle”. Your enemy will make mistakes. Only Gods plans are full proof. Michmash changed the story. There’s a location God won’t allow the enemy to win. It doesn’t matter what you see, there’s a boundary the enemy will not cross. Its called Michmash. In today’s warfare, Michmash would be the Name of Jesus. The enemy won’t withstand that name. When of looks like you are surrounded, remember, it just like Michmash. The victory will still be yours.

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