The Patience To Wait.

Then said she, Sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall: for the man will not be in rest, until he have finished the thing this day.
Ruth 3:18 KJV

When the matter is in the will of God, two things will happen. Naomi pointed it out to Ruth. The first is a patient waiting by the woman. Sylvia Smith in a marriage blog, describes patience as, ” … the ability to wait calmly, to move forward softly towards a goal, to work towards something unhurriedly”. The dictionary describes it as, ” the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious”. The old English word for it is forbearance. Wikipedia adds that it involves, ”… perseverance in the face of delay; tolerance of provocation without responding with disrespect or anger.” That is what Ruth demonstrated. She didn’t wear hot pants to flaunt her assets to Boaz, to show she’s prettier than others. She waited. The second thing she told her is that the speed to act will come upon Boaz. Sisters, please hear this. Many men have lost good love because of their fear to act. Pray for brothers. Naomi wasn’t playing games. Her timeline was twenty four hour. Talk of interceding mothers. When this kind of prayers are answered, the men hurry. Something can move the man. Read the script. I can’t wait to keep a date with you tomorrow. Something is about to happen to you. The difference between great and good is in the capacity to wait. Ruth Clemens says, ” God can see things that need to be ironed out in our hearts and our lives that would only remain creased and messy if it wasn’t for the refining times of waiting ”. God is not wasting your time. He is working out your good. Read the script.

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