Rev. Bassey Daniel has received many awards in the following areas:
(1.) The Plateau State Commissioner for Education Award in teaching
in 1987.
(2.) The President’s Award of the Restoration Ministries as well as
Restoration Academy of Excellence in 2018.
(3.) A Certificate Honour was given to him in 2011 for his diligent service
as the PRO of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Cross
River State in 2011.
(4.) The Joint Campus Fellowship of Cross River University of
Technology, Calabar gave him an award in 2008 for clear impact and
contributions to missionary work in the campus.
(5.) He received a similar award in 2006 from Mass Communication
Students Association, the department he taught for almost twenty
(20) years for morality and academic development.
(6.) Students of Medical Laboratory Science had also given an award in
2003 for his commitment to student missions. He had received a Similar
Award for his contributions to the work of Joint Campus Fellowship in
the then Polytechnic.
(7.) Awards in Training and Leadership came from Jeks Motivational
Library in Calabar as well as Chariots for Africa Development
Awards in 2021, for being an African Leader of the year.
(8.) Perhaps his most valued award came from the Open Heavens
Convention from the hands of his Mentor Apst. Anietie S.
Udoema of blessed memory.

Rev. Bassey Daniel

Rev. Bassey Daniel is a retired university lecturer, and has several publications to his credit. From papers in conferences to seminars, books and editing of journals, Rev. Bassey Daniel has shown that he is a capable academic. He has brought these skills into the work of the ministry. He has at least 52 book manuscripts to his credit at the moment of writing. These cover areas of Ministry, Christian life and Leadership. Some of the books are summarized in the segment on books.