A New Day Indeed

And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the LORD hearkened unto the voice of a man: for the LORD fought for Israel. Joshua 10:14 KJV

This verse is very significant in this narration. Its not advancing the narrative. Its actually a pause, and a commentary. The writer paused to clean his hands before continuing the drumbeats. Read that again. The only new information we get is that there was no such day in the history of the nation, before or even after it. For those just joining us, it was a day that God physically partook in a military exercise, just to give His people victory. From this time onward, it looks like there was a change of military protocol. God could now literally allow angels and other spiritual beings become partakers of the warfare of occupation. They even killed more than human soldiers. The game had changed. By the New Testament, angels could patrol the streets at resurrection and sit in the tomb( Mat28:2 ). Their physical roles were becoming more significant. If God has to change protocols today to preserve your generation, He will. Add to that the elongation of a twenty four hour day. It never happened again. The writer added, that there was no such day again that God did mans bidding. That was in the Old Testament. Today, cause heavens to be opened. Stop the sun if you like, Call forth angels. Change something because of the New Testament and the Name of Jesus. Just exercise your power because of the new protocols. Tell heavens to refuse that native doctor in your street. Apostle Anietie Udoema did it to a local medicine man in calabar, Nigeria who resisted the church. The man came to beg. Make today a new day indeed.

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