Answers To Prayers: God Revoked the threat.

And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. And he said unto him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence. Exodus 33:14‭-‬15 KJV

In March,25, 2021, we had a vignette on: Answers to prayers. We examined John 15:7 for the combination of factors necessary for answers to prayers. That post is worth a visit. Today, Moses had his prayers answered even when God desired something else. My concern is the audacity between Moses and God. Listen to this subtext in the Amplified: ” …If Your Presence does not go with me, do not carry us from here! ”. Brother! He knew what he wanted. Steve Moody says to get to this point,, there are five keys: 1. Ask God in prayers, 2. Have faith in God, 3. Seek Gods will, 4. Strive to obey God, 5. Pray in Jesus Name. That is a post resurrection pattern. I think Moses was probably familiar with a principle of Mat.7:7-8. When did you ask like this? No, I didn’t say: When did you cry like this? I appreciate how you feel, but we are going to ask, audaciously. Its your covenant right. You can’t ask like this except you understood what we said yesterday about intimacy with God. Read that again, then let us come with boldness to the place of grace. If you read down, it gave Moses the audacity to ask for more. When prayers get answered, you want to pray some more. Are you feeling what I’m feeling? Its the urge to pray some more. Its the urge to stop heaven and call attention to a brother or a sister on her knees. And like Blind Bartemaus, hold the entire creation hostage: God must give attention to your prayers.

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