Overcoming Spiritual Embargoes

But Samuel ministered before the LORD, being a child, girded with a linen ephod….And the LORD visited Hannah, so that she conceived, and bare three sons and two daughters. And the child Samuel grew before the LORD.
1 Samuel 2:18‭, ‬21 KJV

An embargo is an ” official state ban on (trade or a country or commodity). It leads to an impoverished nation and a gradual suffocation of the people. In the realm of the spirit, an embargo is a release by Satan and its minions that seeks to stop a person, state, or nation from making further progress. The intention is to stop the will of God in a nation or a persons life. In Joshua 6:1-2,an embargo was raised in Jericho to stop the people of Israel from coming in. Sometimes the grounds for an embargo may be legal because of sin, or coerced as in the case of Hannah. There is no doubt that Hannah recognized this embargo concerning child delivery in her life. So she cried unto God. Embargoes are set up, and can be removed. Joshua removed the barrier of Jericho when he saw the Captain of the Lord. Today, these two verses above show what happens when embargoes are removed. Hannah conceived and bore children. The devil is not in charge. No matter its embargoes, today in the Name of Jesus, we release you for progress. Receive God’s visitation for abundant progress. When Jesus died, it was meant to stop God. Yet His death is now the devil’s nightmare. No prophecies or spiritual acts can stop you. You are meant for the top inspire of satanic embargoes. Where was the devil when she gave birth to the other five children plus Samuel?

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