Summons for the Final Prophecy

Jacob called for his sons and said, “Come here, and let me tell you what will happen to you in the days to come. Genesis 49:1 GW

If Jacob had insights, it is demonstrated in the final prophecies he gave his children. In this chapter, Jacob shows depth of understanding to every child he fathered or adopted. A quick survey of these prophecies shows that they were all fulfilled. We will try to take them in details later. For now, we can say that these prophecies were based on a thorough understanding of each child’s past. F. W. Robertson in Bible Hub has this to say: :’ The predictions are partly explicable on natural grounds. Jacob’s sagacity was sufficient to distinguish the germs of character already shown in his sons, and from thence he could foretell the results. Reuben’s instability, for instance, was the result of a sensual character. The nomad, fierce life of the Simeonites and Levites was the natural consequence of a cruel disposition”. Isn’t it surprising that one’s future may be predicted based on past behaviour? There is a cumulative impact of what we do in life. The only interference is the new creation in Christ. At salvation, we exchange our predictions for His. The blood of Jesus wipes away our past and gives us a new summons for different prophecies. You don’t have to suffer for the past anymore. Its the reason the devil can’t predict your future anymore. Hallelujah! Good morning

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