The Kings Parley

And Jephthah sent messengers unto the king of the children of Ammon, saying, What hast thou to do with me, that thou art come against me to fight in my land?
Judges 11:12 KJV

This is Jepthah’s first outing as a monarch. Notice the change in language to let Ammonites know there’s a king in the palace. He is speaking in the first person singular to let Ammon know the case is now his. Read that again. Wikipedia reports that, ” In diplomatic letters, such as letters of credence, it is customary for monarchs to use the singular first-person (I, me, my) when writing to other monarchs, while the majestic plural is used in royal letters to a president of a republic”. In this case, Jephthah used it in a parley. A parley is a conference of opposing side in a warfare meant either to intimidate into submission or reach a truce without bloodshed. Our thought is that Jephthah did not require grooming or training in this. He had been doing this in unofficial capacity for existence since he was driven from the fathers house. Today was just another day to confront another village bully. Isn’t it significant how God can use our experience in accomplishing destiny? Others were afraid of the King of Ammon, Jephthah gave the man history. Prov.4:7 makes it clear to get wisdom in all you get. When you get wisdom, you will be able to advance strong offence against the enemy. Jephthah had wisdom. In your case, are you familiar with the strategies the enemy is using? Do you have the word for the spiritual parley? That’s the secret of winning.

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