The Mystery of the Firstborn 2

Sanctify unto me all the firstborn, whatsoever openeth the womb among the children of Israel, both of man and of beast: it is mine. Exodus 13:2 KJV

It is significant to note that the firstborn of all the children and animals in Israel were preserved by grace. Now God is demanding that they be given up to serve God. This implies that they will be consecrated, and set apart from all secular functions to be used in the tabernacle. These were all males. If a man had several wives, then the firstborn of each wife was offered to God. This was done in commemoration of fact that the firstborn of Egypt were slain but that of Israelites were preserved. It is until we read Num.3:13 and Num.8:17 that we understand Gods motives in this matter. That night in Egypt, the blood on the doorpost was a visible sign, but God was the one who preserved them from the angel of destruction. Its the reason God told Pharoah in Exo.4:23 that Israel is his firstborn. Today, Jesus Christ is the firstborn of God(Col.1:11-18). It is through his blood that redemption is given to mankind. The firstborn in Greek is ”prototokos”, which means first in priority. Later, the firstborn was not just about being the oldest. We have mentioned in an earlier post that the firstborn is a rank of inheritance and leadership. In Psa.89:27, he is made higher than the kings of the earth. Having Jesus as your saviour makes you a partaker of the authority and rank of the firstborn. You are not ordinary. You are preserved by grace for this moment. Serve God.

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