The Prudent Leader

And Saul’s uncle said, Tell me, I pray thee, what Samuel said unto you. And Saul said unto his uncle, He told us plainly that the asses were found. But of the matter of the kingdom, whereof Samuel spake, he told him not. 1 Samuel 10:15‭-‬16 KJV

If you read the end of Saul, he may appear a very different leader. He was very prudent at start. These two verses demonstrate this. C. S. Lewis describes prudence as ”… practical common sense, taking the trouble to think out what you are doing and what is likely to come of it.” Webster Dictionary describes this virtue as , “marked by wisdom or judiciousness, prudent advice or shrewd in the management of practical affairs.” Why was Saul’s uncle so interested in what Samuel told Saul? Some people are conduits to destroy your life vision. You must be prudent in the way you talk and relate. Read the verses again. That was the end of Saul’s uncle in this kingship. Be careful who you share your life decisions with. Prov.14:8,15. Emma Danzey adds that,” Prudence means that we do not believe everything that we hear. We are wise and test every spirit and every word.” Prudent leadership is what we need to succeed in life. Solomon demonstrated prudence in judgment in 1 Kings 3:16-28. Danzey links prudence to our identity in Christ, ” A prudent person knows that his or her identity is in Christ. If a person is insulted and reacts emotionally, this is not prudent. However, a prudent person receives an insult, but allows it to roll off because it does not stand true for who he or she is, this person is confident in his or her identity in Christ.” Jesus demonstrated prudence in the way he answered the provocations of the Jews. You need prudence to succeed.

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