The Rod Of Moses, The Rod Of God

And the Lord said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod. Exodus 4:2 KJV

It is interesting that God was done talking. It was time for action. Moses was still afraid. Who wouldn’t? So God asked the question above. The answer is significant. To Moses, it was a rod, to God, it was a staff for miracles. By the way, there’s a difference between a rod and a staff. A rod was a 3 inch long with a knob at the end. It was used to beat up wolves who came for the sheep. A staff was longer, and used to herd the sheep. The Hebrew word used is”matteh”, which may mean a chastening rod, a ruling sceptrer, a lance or a walking support. In Psa23:4, both are used. The rod carries the concept of authority, discipline and power in defense of the sheep. A staff is used for the care and management of the sheep. A. Philip Keller has done some intensive work on this. The casting of the rod to the ground is what is significant. Jim Brummett says, the snake wasn’t the point: God changing the rod was the point. Imagine what God can do when we surrender our life, authority and accomplishments to Him. When he picked it up, it was no longer the rod of Moses. It had become the rod of God for miracles. Imagine it, God can use any simple thing for His purpose. Today cast down your life to Him. (2Cor5:14-15).

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