A Hundred Foreskins Of Philistines

And Saul said, Thus shall ye say to David, The king desireth not any dowry, but an hundred foreskins of the Philistines, to be avenged of the king’s enemies. But Saul thought to make David fall by the hand of the Philistines….Wherefore David arose and went, he and his men, and slew of the Philistines two hundred men; and David brought their foreskins, and they gave them in full tale to the king, that he might be the king’s son in law. And Saul gave him Michal his daughter to wife. 1 Samuel 18:25‭, ‬27 KJV

It got to a time that Saul and David were no more speaking to each other directly. This is also a contemporary work problem among leaders and surbodinates. We could spend time trying to advise both of them on how to operate well, but that will be a waste of time. We know the conflict between the two are more primordial than a work situation. Its a fight between light and darkness. Saul’s intention was to have David killed by the Philistines. Its grotesque to make a demand of the foreskins of Philistine genetalia. Allo Health observes that, ” The collecting of foreskins as trophies was a common practice in ancient warfare, and the Philistines were no exception. They were known to display these trophies as a symbol of their victories in battle, and they even offered them as proof of their military prowess to their gods”. Beyond our modern feelings, it was a thing of prestige. Adam Brown in 2018 reminds us that ”…at this point in his life, King Saul is demon possessed. Therefore, this is a demonic idea.” Well David provided 200 foreskins of Philistines to qualify as a King’s son in law and have a physical right to the throne. Has your boss become obnoxious to you? Keep serving right. You nay be the next boss on that seat.

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