A Person And Place of Exemption

And the Lord said, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock: And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a clift of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by: Exodus 33:21‭-‬22 KJV

I wanted to start this by being very emphatic that God has favourites. Why was Mary chosen to have Jesus?( Luke 1:28 ) But that will resurrect the old argument and put me in a jeopardy of explaining the meaning of Gods justice. Our understanding of a favour, which is a kind and helpful act done for someone, or a preference of one over another, may be very different from the perception of heaven. No. God has no favourites in our sense. He loves all His children created in His image. If someone appears to be favoured, there is something heaven knows that we don’t. ( We’ve made an attempt to answer this predicament in a book titled: The Spirit of Favour ). Well, Moses appeared to be very specially favoured here. God has just told him that no one could see His face and live. Then as if to use a Nigerian slang, He says: ” Sha…I’m going to show you my back parts”. That is awesome. This man had a way with God. So God put him on a cliff, covered him with His hands while He passed by. Did you feel like saying: I’m next? Moses would never be the same after the experience. But, there’s a sobering observation from an author who says this: ” …many of those whom God favoured were persecuted and suffered hardship because of the mantle of leadership God placed upon them”. For Mary, with all the favour of giving birth to Christ, a sword was to pierce her soul( Luke 2:35 ). Sometimes favour is just an exemption. So to stop the argument, God says, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy( Rom.9:14-17 ). His favour is not arbitrary. Isa.66:2 sums it well. That’s what you need today for your exemption.

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