God Gives Another Chance To Renew The Covenant

And he hewed two tables of stone like unto the first; and Moses rose up early in the morning, and went up unto mount Sinai, as the Lord had commanded him, and took in his hand the two tables of stone. Exodus 34:4 KJV

In November, 2021, we mentioned in the case of Hagar and Ishmael that God gave them a second chance. Today’s verse is another one to show that God gives us many chances in life. Other people in the Bible enjoyed God’s other chances. Samson had another chance to kill a lot of Philistines before he died. Jonah had another chance to evangelise Nineveh. Joel says that God is of great kindness because He revokes His sentences of evil when the conditions are met.(Joel2:13AMP ). Moses murdered a man, yet He is allowed him to lead( Exod.2:11-15 ). We could go on to mention David, Rahab and Peter who denied Christ. Every time God gives a second chance, its grace in action. So God told Moses to bring another tablet for him to write what Moses had broken in anger before. Thus far, Moses had not mentioned the tablets, but they were sure near his mind. He was still concerned about God going with them. That meant the commandments needed to be back in place. Have you done things that you think might block your chances with God? No you haven’t. 1John1:9 tells us to confess our sins, and He is faithful to cleanse us from all. Every morning presents us with new opportunities. Seize yours today, and go to God in Jesus Name.

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