Judicial Process for Israel

[The Lord continued,⌋ “Here are the legal decisions to be used by the Israelites: Exodus 21:1 GW

Judicial laws are principles and regulations established by government or other authority, and applicable to a people, whether by legislation or by custom enforced by a judicial decision( The Free Dictionary ). These laws are founded on justice and equity. The laws covered slavery ( it was still an acceptable practice then); murder and other kinds of homicide; striking or cursing parents, injuries done by individuals or cattle to others(Pulpit). The entirety of this chapter sets up the steps to settle a dispute. Without this kind of system, people will do whatever they liked and go scot free. Roy Stewart has done a beautiful study of the Judicial process in New Testament times. He establishes that it was out of protocol for Jesus to be tried again by Pilate after the Sanhedrin had finished with him. Then Pilate succumbed to threats in John 19:12– If you let this man go…. Jesus was killed contrary to the law so that you and I could be free. Today, when the devil tries its accusations, call on Jesus. The devil broke the Judicial process. He can’t argue that against Jesus. The New Testament process is in your favour. Hallelujah!

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