No Fake News.

⌊The Lord continued,⌋ “Never spread false rumors. Don’t join forces with wicked people by giving false testimony. Exodus 23:1 GW

You will notice that we have strategically omitted most of chapters 21 and 22. Its our opinion that those statutes are directly related to the domestic lives of the people of ancient Israel. You will also notice that we’ve used other versions for matters of clarity as the case may be. God continues to give them instructions. Isn’t it significant that God would be interested in very minor aspects of our lives? In November 2016, Laura Sydell reported how they tracked down a fake news creator by name of Jestin Coler, who owns a company called Disinfomedia. Today, Fake News is taught to Communication Students on how not to report. God knew that a long time ago. He just didn’t use the term, ” Fake News ”. It’s called false rumours or false testimony. Coler and his team dropped hints of these false news on social media, and the rest is history. In Nigeria, during the 2022 Press week in Niger state, the President of Nigerian Union of Journalists said that fake news has collapsed the state security apparatus. While internet technologies may alter the media landscape, God holds us responsible for what comes out of us. At the time the verse was written, there was no social media. Imagine the amount of fear and tension spread by hate and rumours. The Rwandan genocide was said to have been caused by these two factors. Read the verse again.

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