No Denial of Justice is Accepted

“In a lawsuit, you must not deny justice to the poor. Exodus 23:6 NLT

If we had all the space, we would have quoted the entire verses 6-9. However, have that in mind as we examine this concept. The doctrine of denial of justice has not been very easily described among jurists. In international law, Alwyn Freeman says the concern should not be in defining the term as such, but in describing the conduct of what constitutes a denial of justice. So verses 6-9 is covered in this discourse. The term described in the verses cover the entire field of state responsibility as applied to wrongful conduct of the state towards foreigners or the poor. It also covers bribe taking, false accusations and death sentences. This is Gods stand against improper administration of civil, criminal and spiritual justices. God forbids unkindness to His Children. Isn’t it beautiful when we see God interested in conducts of our daily lives? God quotes their experience in Egypt to buttress this call for justice. Every Judge, spiritual and physical, and everyone dispensing justice must read this. This is the command of the Divine Advocate. These injunctions cover satanic oppressions and accusations today. So, you have a right in the books, to appeal to the Courts of Heaven and get your release from accusations and denials in the Name of Jesus. Now the devil is very frustrated because you are protected.

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