Parental Respect

“Respect your mother and father. Observe my days of worship. I am the Lord your God. Leviticus 19:3 GW

On the 10th of November, 2015,Pastor Chinelo Dillimono posted a Facebook note on the evil of materialism. It was a long post where she explored children who are dominated by impulse and unrestrained egoism. Her conclusions are very sobering to both parents and especially the children. According to her, ” Your job is not to keep children amused and busy. It is, rather, to lead your children to become competent, responsible, considerate, and generous men and women who are committed to live by principles of integrity”. In return the children are to expected to honour and respect the parents. If a child fails in this duty, the child unconsciously sets a chain of disrespect waiting for him or her as an adult , because life is a seed. On Dec.,10,2020, we spoke of honour as being slightly different from respect. Whereas respect is an attitude of high regard, honour has to do with recognising ones value, especially in life contributions. Parents raised their children, not the other way around. Today the command is to respect parents. Be careful how you treat or speak to your parents. No level of provocation demands the planting of the seeds of destruction for you tomorrow. The devil is just waiting for your parents to make pronouncements against you as superior authority, then you’ll eventually suffer for it. Respect your parents. If you’ve done wrong already, find a way to make amends. Get parental blessings instead.

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