The Mixt Multitude

And the mixt multitude that was among them fell a lusting: and the children of Israel also wept again, and said, Who shall give us flesh to eat? Numbers 11:4 KJV

Perhaps one of the easiest definitions of the mixt multitude is in Nigerian Vanguard, 5th March, 2017. ” The mixed multitude reflects the Egyptian spirited people in the midst of the Israelites. When the children of isreal left Egypt to the promise land the mixed multitude left with them. Many people in the church today are mixed multitude cos they look good in the outside and stinking grave in the inside ”. We first heard of these mysterious group in Exodus 12:38, where they are mentioned in passing. Pastor Joe McKeever describe them as the riff raffs who wanted to escape Pharaoh’s harsh rule. Beyond that, a mixed multitude is a spirit. It is a spirit that is familiar with the church but is not transformed or committed to the mission of the church. Every church have some kind of a mixt multitude, so did the Israelites. When they were first mentioned in Exodus, they were counted alongside the animals. That’s because their attitude had no control. You would have thought after all their experience with God, the people would have learnt a lesson. They did not only murmur, complain, now they are weeping for flesh to eat. It looks like they were constantly looking for what they thought God had not done. You will notice there’s no thanksgiving from them whatsoever. They make it look as if it was a right. If you have these people as a majority in your church, may God help you. For the rest teach them the characteristics of these mixt multitude, teach them to stay away from them.

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