People Cry to their Leaders

And the people cried unto Moses; and when Moses prayed unto the Lord, the fire was quenched. And he called the name of the place Taberah: because the fire of the Lord burnt among them. Numbers 11:2‭-‬3 KJV

It’s very significant that the people who complained and suffer consequences are now crying to Moses for help. The same principle has been in operation ever since creation. Complain…Consequence…. Cry for help….Prayers to God. Wouldn’t it have been better to just cry to God to change things. Then there would be no leadership. A leader cannot be vindictive, returning the battle to them to suffer the consequence. As a leader, I’ve had cause to pray prayers or repent of sins I did not commit. That is a leaders responsibility. Acts 20:28 calls every leader an overseer who must take care of his flock. That does not necessarily mean church members. Its talking about the team you are responsible for. In Daniel,9, Daniel confessed on behalf of his people. How regular do you do this for your people? Read the verses again. It was his prayer that quenched the fire. That means if we pray more for the people, we could do more. A leader’s prayer is more than: God bless me my wife and my two children. When leadership takes this responsibility seriously, like Jesus did, the leaders get results beyond human understanding. Jesus prayed for the disciples, and prayed for the church. Notice that Moses did not complain or shift blame. He simply prayed. One time he complained, he can’t forget the consequences. Pray for your people.

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