The way of Escape

Then she let them down by a cord through the window: for her house was upon the town wall, and she dwelt upon the wall. Joshua 2:15 KJV

Whenever we encounter problems in life, a careful look within that problem will reveal Gods internal provisions for us to escape. It had to take a prostitute to protect and release the spies Joshua had sent to Jericho. Lying was part of her trade. She did it in style. God will use anything to give us His promise. Here was a woman who lived by the wall. It reminds us of 1 Sam.19:12, where the future King of Israel, David, was let down through a window by the wall by Michal. In 2Cor 11:33, Paul escaped execution from Aretas in Damascus through a window on the wall. In Acts 9:25, the Jews awaited to kill Paul, but the disciples let him down to escape through a window on the wall. There’s a window of escape that God has provided for us a way to be free from the ultimate siege of the enemy. It is called a window on the wall. Sometimes we cry so much about a closed door of opportunity, that we forget, there may be a window on the wall. Do you feel like you’re emotionally bound in so much that you have no way to escape? Well, I came to let you know, there’s no prison the Lord cannot break. Let me remind you that the power of the New Testament is stronger than the one under Samson, who stood up to carry the gate of the city because they laid in wait for him. If God does not do it that way, he will cause you to pass through a window while the devil waits in vain. Its the wisdom of God to frustrate the devil. Today, there’s a way of escape for you. It may not look very significant….it may just be a window on the wall.

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