Be Ye Separate

And the Lord shall sever between the cattle of Israel and the cattle of Egypt: and there shall nothing die of all that is the children’s of Israel. Exodus 9:4 KJV

We are conscious that we’ve not finished with the plagues. There are a few digressions that are essential for the progress. I hope you’ll be patient with us. The word ”sever” first appeared in this context in Ex.8:22. In the original rendition, it is in a more emphatic mode. Miriam Webster describes it as keeping apart or to divide. The Message Bible translates that as drawing a sharp dividing line between the livestock of Israel and Egypt. There’s more to that act. Its is actually a biblical tradition to create a separation between the believers and the world. We are not called to blend in with the crowd. We are called to stand out. Someone describes this separation as a recognition that we must stand out in personal and ecclesiastical capacities. In the personal capacity, it involves our commitment to a godly standard of behaviour. Daniel practiced this when he decided not to defile himself with the Kings meat( Dan.1:8). Today we demonstrate that when we do not go to ungodly events. In the ecclesiastical frame, the church may not associate with some persons or groups because the church is a called out people( 2 For 6:14-18). The dividing line still runs. This does not imply a certain attitude of not relating with people. You are just different. Be friends with the world but do not partake of their sins. That act in Egypt demonstrated this to Pharaoh. We hope it is demonstrated in your community.

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